Friday, 18 May 2012

Jangan buta hati!!

Who, I talking about??
Who are blind their heart??
I talk about person that write something that not use a brain..
Guys, don’t blind your eyes and heart because of POLITIC..

Now, I am not talking about politic..
I don’t like politic and I not allow any person to talking about politic in my blog
Why I don’t like it?? Is it because of AUKU (student cannot involve in politic)??
NOPE!! Absolutely nope!!
It’s because I don’t want ruin my life
They said ‘fight for your right’..but I don’t want it..
But I not blind and said ULAMA as ‘FATHER OF KAFIR’
That are too much…!!


think carefully~
If he 'father of kafir'..How about them? Is it they are Muslim because not involve in politic even they not look like as Muslim???

Just as example~

sekian dari:
syuhada rahman a.k.a Jendela hati~

p/s:  Dont want talk more about this..I'm just talking as Muslim not coz of support any party in politic..sorry for any mistake..